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From Pulp Into Paper

This is from my novel-in-progress, Pulp Into Paper. Brenda Shawn trained her flashlight on the ground and landed in the water on something soft and squishy. She shook her boot loose from gunk. Moving along like a small tractor, she … Continue reading

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1025 Gilman Street, Whole Foods Market

Vegetables were artfully arranged by size and color like models at New York’s Fashion Week. I wanted to eat everything. But this was not a farmer’s market or my friend’s kitchen. I’d happened upon the newest Whole Foods Market that … Continue reading

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Morning Glories

“…that was that, we could do no more—had to trust to sun and water and time…” My first garden grew in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx where every spring my mother would order morning glory seeds from the … Continue reading

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Change the Louisiana State Slogan

It seems odd that the Louisiana state slogan on its license plate is Sportsman’s Paradise. I am not a sport in the way that the slogan implies (hunting or fishing), nor am I a man. With such a gender specific … Continue reading

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Making Friends With the Lawn

Lawns were work. Not only did people have to cut them, but just like in Ecclesiastes, there was a time to scatter seeds, a time to fertilize, and a time to spray for bugs. It seemed endless, a weekend ritual of cutting grass, grass that always grew back. It was like Sisyphus rolling a rock up a hill, and then it rolling back down again. Wby? Continue reading

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Vernon and Rae-Ann (4)

One summer Domino did get covered with fleas and Rae-Ann did just what her auntie had told her. By the time Domino shook herself dry, the dog was clean and ran up to lick Rae-Ann’s hand. Not a single flea. … Continue reading

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Shopping Cart

Heads of lettuce are deconstructed into plastic tubs that cost twice as much, if not more than whole heads replaced by escarole, radicchio, and baby spinach leaves. Romaine (cos) and iceberg (crisphead) continue to be available. Even so, the more … Continue reading

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I Hate Walmart

“I pass an aisle of travel mugs in different colors, and sizes, with Disney characters, Duck Dynasty members, motorcycle riders and flowers growing in orange and purple, overdosing in consumer excess and Walmart is the pusher.” I hate pulling into … Continue reading

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Hazardous Turnips: 5

The continuing story from Duck Dynasty country about a paper mill and the people caught in its hopper. Continue reading

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Hazardous Turnips: 4

“…she was short on sleep and in no mood for bad news.” There was no other way to tell her except for straight out. “Was the whole crew laid off?” “They said they needed a more experienced operator.” “Who said?” … Continue reading

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