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Eddie Palmieri in the Bronx

First-timers expect to see Arthur Murray standing in a striped bow-tie, but all they see is me in my 501s and a black turtleneck, and a lot shorter than Mr. Murray, which is why I started to teach dance in … Continue reading

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Paschal Lamb

and maybe it will be a promised land when values can run wild
and trump the Trumps everywhere Continue reading

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For years I didn’t like either one of you, felt I was returning the favor— the baby, an annoyance, an inconvenience, the one you dragged on the subway to go ice-skating, left me holding the railing. In a one-bedroom apartment, … Continue reading

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Was John’s Bargain Store a Model for WalMart?

The John’s Bargain Store I remember was located at the Soundview Avenue stop of the “IRT” line.  Soundview Avenue was an “elevated” subway stop. Rather than climbing up the stairs from an underground station, I climbed downstairs from a platform … Continue reading

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