The Right Hand


My heart was in the right place,
grown children in the bloodlines
of my inner space, a practicum
for laboring over my cheese and cracker man
whose birth I toasted with a dark beer.
Sounds weird, I know, but I was thirsty.

For if women can give birth, then cloning life
can’t be such a far cry, especially when
what used to be cold is now hot
and hot cold. There’s a climate

of combined elements,
letters into a genetic code. It took trial and erratum
to reach the Golden Gateway, but like a game of Solitaire,
I got dealt the right hand.

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About Lenore Weiss

Lenore's collections include "Tap Dancing on the Silverado Trail" (2011) from Finishing Line Press, “Sh’ma Yis’rael” (2007) from Pudding House Publications, and "Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island" (West End Press, 2012). Her writing has won recognition from Poets&Writers (finalist in California Voices contest) and as a finalist for Pablo Neruda Prize, Nimrod International Journal. The Society for Technical Communication has recognized her work regarding Technical Literacy in the schools. All material is copyrighted on this site and cannot be used without the author's permission.
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