Hotel California

After listening to the opening riff of Hotel California,
he moans in the passenger seat next to me, arghhhh!
I suggest he take a chill pill. He groans again,
but it’s like the guy’s missing vocal chords and I can’t
understand a word he says. Don’t know what’s giving him such
heartburn. I park. He starts shaking, I mean really shaking,
back and forth like we’re in a carnival tilt-a-whirl
and he nearly overturns my Thunderbird.
I kill iTunes. By default, doesn’t he have to listen to me?
A cop pulls up behind my car, wants us
to step outside. I queue up the same music, open the door
hear the Sephardic sounds of a Spanish guitar,
and the rocking begins again. I wax apologetic.
He’s my golem.

About Lenore Weiss

Lenore's collections include "Tap Dancing on the Silverado Trail" (2011) from Finishing Line Press, “Sh’ma Yis’rael” (2007) from Pudding House Publications, and "Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island" (West End Press, 2012). Her writing has won recognition from Poets&Writers (finalist in California Voices contest) and as a finalist for Pablo Neruda Prize, Nimrod International Journal. The Society for Technical Communication has recognized her work regarding Technical Literacy in the schools. All material is copyrighted on this site and cannot be used without the author's permission.
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