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Wellfleet at Olga’s

floating on my back murmurs from the shore a lifeguard’s whistle boogie boards water color red a cloud of seaweed hisses of bubbles dissolve my feet scissors to locksmith time tumbles away Einstein wears sunblock count the waves

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The First Flying Woman

The old woman who lived in the bottom apartment called me. Her name was Basuma. Freckles covered her hands and arms and made her look like a ripe banana. She pointed to a tree in our backyard. “Look! The momma … Continue reading

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Mother of Pearl door, Istanbul Nails cut red sea scallops into her thumb Held back from digging deeper. What was the point? He’d shut his Facebook door Disenfranchised her from sending Text messages Seven years of speaking Every day Slammed … Continue reading

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Bird Land

It’s hard to be a bird Do what you were born to do Knowing no one’s Gonna come back Flying through the trees To feed you your grub Like in the olden days When all you wanted Was to open … Continue reading

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