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For Syrian Refugees

A word sings past a chime of cascading leaves flows outside a slight breeze cousin to the first breath two syllables a holy mantra bathed in cries shuttling life across the bandwidth of the universe Shalom Shalom Shalom  

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Shoot Me, I’m Online Dating (10)

I’m not proud about online dating. Why would I want to brag about trying to find loving companionship after searching through profiles and photographs and exchanging emails for much too long? The truth is that eight years ago I thought the kiss … Continue reading

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Shoot Me, I’m Online Dating (9)

One evening as I was minding my own email, an online dating site informed me that I had a message. I clicked a link from successfulman56 and read, “Hello beautiful.” Anyone who calls me beautiful gets my immediate attention. He went on, “You … Continue reading

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