Shoot Me, I’m Online Dating (5)

A broken heart is an open heart, at least that’s what I hear.

So here’s to all us online daters because after being disappointed and defeated, it takes courage to return to the playing field, and to announce to everyone who wishes to listen, Here I am. Take it or leave it.

Or for some of us, death’s poker hand had closed out our loved ones’ accounts, taking everything except for their memory.

Maybe it was a good marriage and turned bad.

Maybe the love affair lasted for a few months or several years. Maybe we never jumped into the fray because we were taking care of a sick parent or relative. Or even ill ourselves. Maybe we wanted to get everything right including job, career, and travel around the world first, until none of that seemed important, or maybe we were abused as children and had to learn intimacy block by alphabet block, which made us better students of love, children of mistakes, children of all the maybes.

I am one of those maybe’s. Maybe if I had made better choices, maybe if I had second sight, maybe if I had listened to what other people had told me. But in the end, only one thing matters.

A broken heart, is an open heart.

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