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two angels sit on steps regenerating the third a look-out for whatever got them into this mess— a rag of wings a bindle of legs angels on a goof setting off a debate whose bright idea the whole thing had been … Continue reading

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Ode to Aunt Elsie

I look at the walls of your town house where you lived for more than forty years and died after your hundredth birthday just as you predicted you would. I’m looking at your walls, family photographs of children and grandchildren, … Continue reading

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Catching Flying Fish

The old woman who lived beneath our house called up to me. “Why are you leaning over the railing with a fishing pole?” I wanted to do something special like catch the beautiful silver fish swimming beneath our deck. If … Continue reading

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Start of Something Big

I spent my life married to an assortment of alcoholics, musicians and mental patients who made interesting, but unreliable mates. Clearly, I wasn’t getting younger and like the Fifth Element in the science fiction movie of the same name, I … Continue reading

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Social Networking

Wanting to understand how people interact, marketers are hunting for the new Holy Grail, a metric to evaluate clicks in an era of social networking. Page views, RSS, brand recognition, whatever moves us to the point of purchase. When does … Continue reading

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Tucson Starbucks

National Croissant Day at Starbucks coffee counter doesn’t mean a free roll for every shopper, if only to commemorate a special event, people place orders with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Above the company logo, a girl in wavy ringlets, … Continue reading

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