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Coupon Queen

A neighbor knocked on my door and asked for drug money; actually I don’t know she’s my neighbor at all except last year, a few weeks before Christmas, I sat in the car hoping to start it, and she came … Continue reading

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Not the freaking desert, my father would rather spend his day at the beach, my mother, always in charge of food, packed egg sandwiches and a tall thermos, passed an insulated plaid bag to my uncle who cursed, took the … Continue reading

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Visiting Hours

In a loosely gathered knot, cousins from different airports arrive at her bedside, morphine placed beneath her tongue, a liquid sacrament. Friends want her to recognize them, to repeat names, to remember how they used to spend summers together with … Continue reading

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Honey Cake

Before she died, she wore an orange ruffle to her 100th birthday party, now photographs on the walls, earth-tone paintings, the same shade as a coverlet thrown across her queen-sized bed where I watch cooking programs until I fall asleep, … Continue reading

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