Robin Williams Plays a Homeless Man

she was going to chicken shit run out on me said we could go to counseling stole my daughter called me a lout I was the one who had a vocabulary it’s always conjunctivitis went to the unemployment office to buy a fat pig applied for an extension they told me one more extension left right I was upset working at the post office she’s Ms. Clean upset because I can’t keep the shelves filled with cigs faster than she can smoke this daughter crap is an excuse from a family where saying hello is a national holiday doesn’t say nothing getting back to that day when they dragged me here remember the day I came in a straitjacket they put me in a straitjacket in my own house in front of my daughter I was never going to see because I hit my hand through the window scared his ass the plate glass people don’t understand I died the first time when I was reading Boris Alekseyevich Gallitzen he’s the one who tutored Peter the First taught him we’re made of stars it’s one language, raisins in a vanilla pudding expanding humans aren’t built for infinity lights bombarded my head didn’t know where I was Nikolai Borisovich Gallitzin Beethoven’s patron I would’ve died except I went to the kitchen to eat my Cheerios hoodwinked by a small party of aliens from the corner of Johnson Street and El Camino ministering upwards what a Chabad past telephone poles to the top of the World Trade Tower brought me back down to earth thinking it wasn’t me who blew out the candles even Socrates asked questions you never open your mouth wondered if we shop at the same mall what are you putting on my head it’s not like a crash helmet these little dots what are you going to do with me god god stuffing my head with razors. Gillette is that you?

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