Email to Ann on Data Security Week

Celebrated data security week by taking my computer to lunch, sat near the server at the counter, better receptivity. Ordered from a pull-down menu, the monkey wants to speak. Pink noodles at the gym, ebola in Liberia. Coffee and pastry, please.

Facebook friends swap out profile pictures. At least change my background. Last Monday passwords went up for auction, the highest bidder watched characters spread out in dioramas from head to Tokyo, a breach. There’s still no birth. I’d like to think the wrapping paper was green, green like Lorca’s poems.

On Buying a New Food Processor

Old Nelly broke down after thirty years of dedicated service. Motor stopped dead. Had a life-time guarantee. That’s over with. Couldn’t bring myself to toss it. Buried the blades with the bowl in the backyard. No more hummus. In the evening, heard tomato plants and earthworms being whipped into paste. Went outside and saw a spiral swallowing sparrows. Bought a new one on sale. At the kitchen table, the processor stands unassembled. Does yours still work?

Bye-bye Fried Chicken

Salmon rolls at the supermarket’s sushi counter, a gift of pressure by relocated employees from Denver who want more variety than fried chicken. Last night heard Brando on TV scream Stel-la! The watchman on the wide screen tells me about soldier suicides. Or guesses how many people can fit on the head of one mountain top without being rescued. Words cut loose, data sets aside, still wobbling on all four legs xoxoxoxoxo

Links to My Work

Two Places: Cross the Bay Bridge to Oakland, California and walk the bayous of Louisiana
Price(USD): $15.00
Karin Batten, acrylic, pumice, dye, charcoal, black magma, and glue

Karin Batten, acrylic, pumice, dye, charcoal,black magma, and glue

About Lenore Weiss

Lenore's collections include "Tap Dancing on the Silverado Trail" (2011) from Finishing Line Press, “Sh’ma Yis’rael” (2007) from Pudding House Publications, and "Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island" (West End Press, 2012). Her writing has won recognition from Poets&Writers (finalist in California Voices contest) and as a finalist for Pablo Neruda Prize, Nimrod International Journal. The Society for Technical Communication has recognized her work regarding Technical Literacy in the schools. All material is copyrighted on this site and cannot be used without the author's permission.
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  1. Lenore,
    Please send me a snail-mail address and I will send you your contributor’s copy of the Maple Leaf Rag V poetry anthology which includes your poem “A Person of Carriage.”

    • Lenore Weiss says:

      John: Received the anthology today. Beautiful! A work of love. Many thanks.

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