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Making Friends With the Lawn

Lawns were work. Not only did people have to cut them, but just like in Ecclesiastes, there was a time to scatter seeds, a time to fertilize, and a time to spray for bugs. It seemed endless, a weekend ritual of cutting grass, grass that always grew back. It was like Sisyphus rolling a rock up a hill, and then it rolling back down again. Wby? Continue reading

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Dental Hygiene

The dental hygienist didn’t talk about her boyfriend or her latest home improvement project or even the movie she saw on Netflix, so funny, she couldn’t stop laughing. She yanks a blue hydration tube. Bangs cover her eyes, a mask … Continue reading

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Judge Judy

See My Books He planted daffodils, tea roses, peonies, morning glories to climb higher deities— bricks, along the fence, surrounding the pole near begonias, the shed. I sit on a bag of Miracle-Gro stuck between canna stalks and calla lilies, … Continue reading

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