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Paschal Lamb

and maybe it will be a promised land when values can run wild
and trump the Trumps everywhere Continue reading

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Begone, Fox Squirrel!

City people, take notice. If you think country-living is laid back, easy-going, a ramble in the woods, you may be in for a surprise. Continue reading

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Donna’s: My New Barber in Choudrant

Finding a good hair stylist is almost as difficult as finding a good mate. Much of it is about chemistry. Continue reading

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For years I didn’t like either one of you, felt I was returning the favor— the baby, an annoyance, an inconvenience, the one you dragged on the subway to go ice-skating, left me holding the railing. In a one-bedroom apartment, … Continue reading

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Spring in Louisiana

Violets getting pushy on front lawns. Redbud trees pink against winter’s bare branch. Irises swell in bed, such proud mamas. Butterweed give yellow a new name. Thatches of loblolly surround bald land. Wisteria is lace, the purple rain. Couches of … Continue reading

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