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Portrait of Rae-Ann

She got in the van and finished putting on her lipstick, something she rarely did in the car, but Mondays gave her an extra oomph. Of course, all her best friends shook their heads, “Just wait. Give it another year and you’ll wish you were back home again.” Continue reading

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The Sprite of Latham Fountain

The cry of Canadian Geese stirs leaves. She climbs a tea tree, hides her clothing behind a rock. Her naked thighs shimmy along each knot of bark. Continue reading

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Ten Years Later

“No limits, just edges.” –Jackson Pollack You were so fantastic, reminded me of Gene Wilder with wild eyes, green and lashed, red hair spun by Rumplestiltskin into breakers that broke at your forehead, something primeval in the way you understood … Continue reading

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