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Seven Things I Will Not Think About in the Last Seconds of My Life

“I am a master of hallucination.”  –Arthur Rimbaud I will not think about my retirement account. I will rest inside a concession stand of white gauze, sun hot. I will ask for water loaded with chunks of ice as a … Continue reading

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Afikomen in Sterlington, Louisiana

Daffodils sprouting in bright yellow bunches always have always signaled for me spring and Passover. Matzah plays a big role here, the unleavened bread symbolic of the Jewish exodus from enslavement in Egypt about 3,300 years ago. (“Hurry up, Sadie. … Continue reading

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Regular Expression

Every time I parse HTML with a regular expression, an unholy child weeps the blood of virgins. An open cloud conspiracy digitizes my last matched string. This gets me in my gut. What can I do? I follow my metronome. … Continue reading

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A Doll Goes Shopping at Walmart

For weeks, I had been reading up on Walmart, absorbing everything from Sam’s biography to reports about how the global chain was destroying labor guarantees put into place by the New Deal. I wanted to understand how Walmart had evolved … Continue reading

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Walmart is a Big Box

I made a pilgrimage to the heartland of Walmart in Bentonville, the same day the conclave of cardinals named a new pope.   White smoke rose up from the Sistine Chapel. Along the highway, an egret or a plastic bag? I … Continue reading

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Song for Guns & License

Paper mill town closed down. Sporting goods store the big draw. Hunters shop for camouflage, a new barrel gauge. Deer season. Six months here, I’m in a red chair with a red number, clutch a California driver’s license, my ID … Continue reading

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