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Plane Time

I dreamed a silicon chip looked like an Aztec mask, a great yawning blackness where a mouth should be. A dying vampire awoke in a pool of perspiring blood cared for by a young woman with a baby. A Dallas … Continue reading

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Sterlington or Bust

Traveling 2,000 miles from Oakland, CA to Sterlington, LA, on every highway I chased unbeatable savings, followed a road where free and fast never go out of style. Shifted lanes eastward past the Chiracuhua Mountains, camel-colored assemblages of rocks, windmills … Continue reading

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To My Dead Namesake

To My Dead Namesake To the dead Lenore  who always appears on the same Google page, an interloper who comes up in search results by virtue of our identical names, twinned on the Internet, the two Lenore’s,  one a writer, … Continue reading

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Temple Run

The deed is done.  The movers drove up yesterday in an 80 foot truck, the kind you see in your rear view mirror barreling down the freeway and decide to merge into the right hand lane quick.  Warren and Richard … Continue reading

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