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Wish You Were Here

Idiot boss man who sat me down two weeks after my husband died and told me how I was a fuckup, I can see your fat face floating in Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern before the Tourist Authority cleaned up the place, mouth … Continue reading

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Get Your Dervish On

Missing breakfast, I ventured downstairs to Kybele’s cafe in the hope of scoring coffee, treated to the same plus an amazing fruit platter of halved apricots, sweet and sour to the taste, slices of watermelon and oranges. Thus fortified, I … Continue reading

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Istanbul 2

Somewhere I lost a day.  After being rescued from Ataturk Airport, I drifted in the street like a satrap exhausted by conquest of the Atlantic Ocean.  I did what anyone in my position would do – showered and put on … Continue reading

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Women on the plane wore head scarves, others neck pillows, shoes from all over the mall.  The only constant was the omnipresence of cellphones and iPads, clusters of people gathered around recharging stations.   If Apple can’t make money, who … Continue reading

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Starched white suit, he wears an olive oil can crown on his head, carries challah as a scepter, a scepter mixes seeds blown from a thistle rubbed on the honey sac of a bee that leans toward Jerusalem, Jerusalem where … Continue reading

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