The Story of the Hydrant

Before there were cities, the hydrant lived beneath the ocean. That’s where she got all her water. When the fish were thirsty, they swam up to the hydrant’s nozzle and sipped. Then they went to sleep inside their coral beds.

But there was an evil sea-dragon named Shemi Parami who lived at the bottom of the ocean, a place so dangerous, not even a shark would swim there. The seaweed whispered to Shemi that the hydrant was helping those no-good fish by giving them free water. The seaweed was fed up with the fish nibbling at their fingers.

Shemi got angry. “I am the only one to control the riches of the ocean,” he shouted. He became so angry, he swelled up into the size of three hundred giant whales. He swelled so much, he dislodged the hydrant from her home between the coral rocks.  Kerploom! She was thrown onto the land with its many strange creatures. Of course, today the hydrant still drips water but only a trickle, compared to when she lived in the ocean.

About Lenore Weiss

Lenore's collections include "Tap Dancing on the Silverado Trail" (2011) from Finishing Line Press, “Sh’ma Yis’rael” (2007) from Pudding House Publications, and "Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island" (West End Press, 2012). Her writing has won recognition from Poets&Writers (finalist in California Voices contest) and as a finalist for Pablo Neruda Prize, Nimrod International Journal. The Society for Technical Communication has recognized her work regarding Technical Literacy in the schools. All material is copyrighted on this site and cannot be used without the author's permission.
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